What to Wear in Japan in April: How to Pack for Spring Travel (2022)

What to Wear in Japan in April (Updated March 2022)

Japan is famous for its cherry blossoms and the best months to see these renowned flowers are in the spring. We’ve all seen the photos of the beautiful pink flowers laying softly in the foreground of a shot of Mount Fuji. It’s something else entirely to see these things with your own eyes. That’s why I’m such a proponent of seeing as much of the world as you can.

If you’re like me, trying to figure out what to wear in a new country can be a little intimidating. Fear not, I’m here to help. Keep reading to find out what you should pack for cherry blossom season in Japan.

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What to Wear in Japan in April

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Rain protection is key

Depending on what part of the country you’re traveling to, the average temperature can vary. One thing that is true is that it rains a lot in Japan in the spring. So if there’s one thing that you should make sure you pack, it’s your rain gear.

During this time of year, the high temperature in many parts of Japan is warm, usually around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. As such you won’t need a heavy jacket unless the weather forecast is predicting some cold days.

A lot of things that you’ll be doing while in Japan are outdoor activities. A lightweight rain jacket will be important to make sure you’re staying dry.

PRO TIP: You do not need to take up a ton of space with rain gear:

If you have room in your carry-on, it’s also a good idea to pack an umbrella. If you forget to pack your umbrella, you’ll be able to find almost anything you need in convenience stores.

When in doubt, dress more conservatively

This packing tip is true for most other countries you’ll travel to. As someone from the United States, you’ll notice that people tend to dress much more conservatively abroad . This is true for Japanese women too.

In particular, be sure that your shirts are higher cut. Low-cut shirts that show a lot of cleavage will definitely draw a lot of attention to you, and not the kind you want. Japanese women tend to not show much skin.

It is the rainy season, so you’ll most likely be wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a light jacket most of the time anyway. That said, I want to make sure you know the cultural expectations outside of their home country.

Dress in light layers

Spring is one of the best times to travel to Japan and you generally will experience nice weather. Of course I recommend checking the weather forecast before any trip. That way you can get a better idea of what your daily clothing needs will be.

Mornings can be damp and chilly, but burns off and you may get some sunny afternoons.

A light sweater is also easy to carry in your purse or backpack during the day. In the event that you get a little cold in the evenings and it will help as an extra layer.

It’s also a good idea to dress in light layers in case you get rained on a little bit.

Jeans do go with most different outfits, but they take much longer to dry than lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen. If you’ve ever been stuck walking around in wet jeans before, you’ll know that you never want to do it again.

Be sure to have comfortable shoes

This is another packing tip that applies to almost every other country you’ll travel to. I always say that the best way to see a new place is by walking. Even in countries like Japan that have great public transport, you should still plan on walking quite a bit. Walking shoes or other kinds of flat shoes will help you make the most of your time in Japan.

Want more on how to decide which shoes to pack?

I also really recommend making sure that your walking shoes have some kind of waterproof soles (at a minimum). You might not have the room for rain boots in your suitcase, but you do want to make sure your feet have at least a little extra protection from all the rain and soggy ground that you’re going to be walking over.

Other essentials

Like with many other countries, if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking around, it’s important to have a good day bag that you can carry with you. You’ll want something that’s not too heavy but still fits all of the essentials like credit cards, lip balm, a water bottle, and maybe an extra jacket if you get chilly in the evenings. I prefer a crossbody bag because I feel like my belongings are a little more secure than they would be in a fanny pack if you’re somewhere crowded like a train station.

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It’s also very important to have a quality umbrella with you when you’re traveling to Japan in the spring. Spring can be one of the best times to travel to Japan, but no one likes to walk around temples while they’re wet. You can avoid some extra cost if you pack a small, collapsible umbrella in your suitcase instead of trying to find one in the city somewhere. It’s always best to be prepared ahead of time!

And whatever you do make your packing more easy and more organized with compression packing cubes. I used them for every trip I take!

FAQ: What to Wear in Japan In April

Traveling to a new country can be intimidating. If you have questions about what should make it on your Japan packing list, keep reading.

Is it cold in Japan in April?

Compared to the winter months, April in Japan is generally very pleasant. The average temperatures are in the mid-60s Fahrenheit during the day and 50 degrees in the morning and evening. You shouldn’t need a heavy coat. You should prepare with some kind of waterproof jacket because April does see a lot of rain.

What month can you see cherry blossoms in Japan?

Cherry blossom season in Japan is anywhere from late March to mid-April. In some years it continues into early May. The iconic pink trees can be seen all over the country, but the best place to see them is in Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo. Depending on what city you’re flying into, you shouldn’t have to travel too far to take advantage of these beautiful views.

Which month is the cheapest month to fly to Japan?

High season in Japan is usually January, November, and December. This is good news for those seeking the famous cherry blossoms. The cheapest month to fly to Japan is actually April, which works out great if you don’t mind a little rain. It’ll be worth it to see those cherry blossoms in real life.

What should tourists wear in Japan?

The unofficial dress code in Japan is pretty laidback. You definitely don’t need to dress up while you’re walking around cities or outdoor temples. In the spring, dress for the weather. This means dressing in light layers in something like a short sleeve shirt, jacket, and a skirt or pants. As you’ll most likely be doing a lot of walking, it’s okay to wear sneakers while you’re out during the day.

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