5 Flip Flops For Summer That Do Not Hurt (Really!)

Is it possible to find flip flops that don’t hurt your feet? I think it is. I mean, summer and warm weather are around the corner and when I think of summer shoes, I think of flip flops.

That said, I have flat feet and while cute, comfortable flip flops are hard to find. More often than not, the lack of support just leads to foot pain if I choose the wrong ones.

American Podiatric Association Do’s and Don’ts for wearing flip flops:

  • Do shop for a flip-flop made of high-quality, soft leather. Leather minimizes the potential for painful blisters and other types of irritation.
  • Do gently bend the flip-flop from end to end, ensuring it bends at the ball of the foot. Shoes of any kind should never fold in half.
  • Do ensure that your foot doesn’t hang off of the edge of the flip-flop.
  • Do wear a sturdy pair of flip-flops when walking around a public pool, at the beach, in hotel rooms and in locker room areas. Walking barefoot can expose foot soles to plantar warts and athlete’s foot.
  • Don’t re-wear flip-flops year after year. Inspect older pairs for wear. If they show signs of severe wear, discard them.
  • Don’t ignore irritation between toes, where the toe thong fits. This can lead to blisters and possible infections.
  • Don’t wear flip-flops while walking long distances. Even the sturdiest flip-flops offer little in terms of shock absorption and arch support.
  • Don’t do yard work while wearing flip-flops. Always wear a shoe that fully protects feet when doing outside activities such as mowing the lawn or using a weed-eater.
  • Don’t play sports in flip-flops. This practice can lead to twisting of the foot or ankle, as well as ankle sprains and breaks.

Source: Amerian Podiatric Association Flip Flop FAQ

Flip Flops: The Takeaway

At the end of the day, if you are not careful with your flip flop choice, you can end up with painful conditions and foot problems like plantar fasciitis and heel pain. The general lack of arch support and thin sole can lead to all sorts of issues.

That said, it is possible to find flips flops that don’t hurt. AND some of them even have the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. The seal of acceptance basically means that a company has submitted its products and a team of podiatrists believe that the product promotes foot health. They only review products if a company submits them so it is possible that a good shoe is not on the list if the manufacturer does not submit them.

PRO TIP: Buying flip flops for a trip? I never travel with more than 3 pairs of shoes. Sometimes it is hard to decide which ones to bring! This post is all about how I choose shoes for each trip, complete with examples for your inspiration.

Flip Flops that Don’t Hurt

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Editor’s Choice: Taos Link Sandals

Taos Link | Flip Flops
SHOP: Amazon

My crazy feet do really well with a cork footbed, and I love Taos shoes. So, when I saw this new pair of flip flops from Taos I had to try them. I can wear them for hours and my feet don’t hurt! Plus, they can be dressed up a little more than the other two pairs.

Editor’s Choice: Skechers On The Go 600

Skechers On The Go | Flip Flops
SHOP: Amazon

These Skechers are super lightweight, the footbed is comfortable and something about the double strap makes them feel more supportive. I recently work them on to the beach and they are amazing. They float and are easy to rinse off when they are sandy! Also, theys work better as shower shoes than my Taos, so are a good option of you are not quite sure how your lodging will be.

Vionic Tide

Vionic Tide | Flip Flops
SHOP: Amazon

Many Vionic sandals have the APMA Seal of Acceptance and these Tide flip flops are no exception. These are orthotic shoes, in that they include orthotic insole arch support that comes with the Vionic brand. Also, the toe post on this shoe is designed for comfort. Also, they have an EVA footbed. Reviewers swear by the comfortable fit.

Vionic Bella Toe Post Sandal

SHOP: Amazon

These Vionic Bellas are so cute with the bow detail. And, the footbed was designed by a podiatrist. It has deep heel cups for comfort and the same three zone comfort that Vionic has in so many of its shoes. A cute and stylish choice for summer.

Olukai Ohana

SHOP: Amazon

Reviewers swear by these Olukai flip-flops. It’s hard to call a flip flop a supportive shoe, but many reviewers say these are just that. They are meant to be an all day shoe and are perfect for the beach. They are both water resistant and quick dry. Additionally, they come with a One Year Warranty!

FAQ: Flip flops that don’t hurt

What are the best flip flops with arch support?

According to Saylee Tulpule, DPM, when looking for good arch support, the most important thing is for the footbed to match your foot. You want to find a molded footbed that matches the contour of your foot.

What are the best flip-flops for walking long distances?

For me, the best flip flop for walking long distances is no flip flop at all. My feet just do not do well in that situation. That said, if you are looking for comfortable flip-flops for everyday wear, the Olukia Ohana is a great bet. See the full description higher up in the post.

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