How To Pack A Dress So It Doesn't Wrinkle

How to Pack A Dress So You Can Travel Wrinkle Free

How to Pack a Dress So it Doesn’t Wrinkle

We’ve all been there, you’re laying out clothes and outfits for your next trip and your new dress catches your eye. It would be great if you could find a way to pack it without it turning into a wrinkled mess by the time you get to your hotel. Every time you’ve tried to pack dresses in the past, you haven’t had any luck. 

Dresses are a great way to save space when you’re packing light because they’re a complete outfit with fewer pieces. They take up less space in your suitcase. That said, when they come out of the bag looking crumpled, it can be hard to feel confident wearing them. We’ll tell you how to pack dresses the right way so you can continue to pack light and feel good wearing that dress. 

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Invest in garment folders or garmet bags

If you frequently go on business trips and find that your dresses are always wrinkled by the time you get to your hotel room, it might be a good idea to invest in garment folders or garment bags. Garment folders allow you to secure your dresses or other easily wrinkled clothing in the bag and then fold them to fit in your suitcase. Having these items in their own bag stops them from rubbing against other clothes in your suitcase, which is what causes them to wrinkle in the first place. These are an excellent choice for formal wear items that you don’t want to roll or fold in your suitcase. 

Choose fabrics that are wrinkle-resistant

How to pack a dress so it doesn't wrinkle.  Choose the right fabric

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The easiest way to decrease the chance of wrinkles is to choose dresses that aren’t as likely to wrinkle when you pack them. When you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is having to iron your clothes, so making these choices while you’re packing can really help. Dresses and shirts that are a little stretchy are less likely to wrinkle after being in a suitcase, and you can test this prior to packing by scrunching up items to see if they wrinkle easily. 

Save your dry cleaner bags 

If you want to save some money and don’t feel like using garment folders or garment bags, plastic dry-cleaner bags work just as well. There’s a reason the dry cleaners use these plastic bags to keep your clothes wrinkle-free after they clean them. The thin layer of plastic prevents friction between clothing items and therefore leaves clothes as wrinkle-free as possible while you’re traveling. 

Add layers of tissue paper in between folds 

One of the best ways to keep delicate clothes in good shape while traveling is to add a layer of tissue paper in between the folds of clothes. Start by folding clothes on a flat surface and once you have a clothing item folded, slip a piece of tissue paper in the middle of it so the different layers of the clothes don’t rub together and cause wrinkles. This method works similarly to the plastic dry cleaning bags, which reduce friction as much as possible while bags are being tossed around. 

Use the rolling method 

Rolling Method | How to Pack a Dress so it Doesn't Wrinkle

Another packing method that reduces wrinkles is the rolling method. Since this method is designed to have clothes packed as tightly as possible in your suitcase, they have much less room to move around and create wrinkles. When you’re packing a dress using the rolling method, it’s important to create clean, vertical folds so the dress is a long rectangle shape before you start rolling it. Be sure to roll the dress up tightly and make it secure between other clothing items so it’s not moving around much in your suitcase. 

We love the rolling method and find that packing with compression packing cubes and the rolling method, traveling is a breeze! Check out our post on our favorite packing cubes here!

If you have room, pack a travel iron 

how to pack a dress so it doesn't wrinkle

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If you’ve tried all of these packing hacks before but still find yourself wishing that you had a way to iron your clothes when you get to your hotel room, it might be time to buy a travel iron. Travel irons are available in a variety of sizes and usually don’t take up much space in your bag. Like shoes and other bulky items, you can pack them in the bottom of your suitcase and fit the rest of your clothes around them. Many hotel rooms have a small ironing board in their rooms, if not a large flat surface will do just fine to iron dress shirts or dress pants. If you like to look your best at all times, a travel iron will be the best thing for you. 

Get rid of wrinkles with a hot shower 

The easiest way to get rid of wrinkles in your dress after traveling is simpler than you might think. If you’re getting ready for dinner and want to wear your wrinkled dress, hang it in the bathroom while you’re showering. The hot water from the shower will create steam in the room and will smooth out wrinkles, just like an iron would. This is a great option if you’re low on space and don’t have room for a travel iron. 

FAQ: How to Pack a Dress so it Doesn’t Wrinkle

How do you pack a wrinkle-free dress? 

The rolling method is a great way to prevent dresses from developing deep creases and wrinkles. Suitcases that are packed using the rolling method have less room for clothes to move around and create friction that causes wrinkles. To make your dress extra secure, pack it towards the bottom of your bag so there is a layer on top and bottom of it to hold it in place. 

Does rolling clothes really prevent wrinkles? 

Rolling clothes not only help you pack more efficiently, but it also stops your clothes from wrinkling as much. If clothes are packing in flat layers, they have more surface area to rub against each other while your bag is being handled in transit. Just be sure to take care folding your clothes before rolling them so they don’t develop creases along lines that aren’t natural. 

How can I unwrinkle clothes fast? 

If you take precautions to prevent wrinkles but still find that you have some after unpacking your clothes, one great idea is to bring any wrinkled dresses or button-up shirts into the bathroom with you. The steam from the shower will help flatten out wrinkles without having to use an iron. If you’re in an especially humid place, hanging clothes outside or in your room might be enough to get rid of wrinkles too. 

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