Which Luggage Brands Have The Best Product Warranties in 2022?

Which Luggage Brands Have The Best Product Warranties in 2021?

We get it, suitcases are expensive. When you invest in a nice piece of luggage you want to have confidence in the warranty. You want to know that the warranty terms will cover things like accidental damage. There’s nothing worse than bringing a new suitcase on a trip and seeing it emerge from baggage claim so battered you hardly recognize it. It’s normal to expect some wear and tear when you check your bags. That said, when things go wrong, you want the best warranty to protect your luggage no matter what. 

What should you look for in a product warranty? How do you determine the best luggage warranty?

When you’re shopping for a new suitcase, it’s easy to focus on design and capacity. Product warranties can fall to the wayside when you’re shopping. Especially if you are shopping in-person where you don’t have access to a manufacturer’s website right away. 

But, if you do a lot of traveling, having a good warranty on your luggage is crucial. Quality suitcases are pricey. You don’t want to invest in a bag, only to have to replace it a few months later when the zipper breaks and the bag won’t close anymore.

Of course, every bag endures some kind of wear and tear during travels. Even with normal use the bags can get bumped and scraped. You want to have confidence that, in the event of a real repair, the brand you chose will make repairs or even replacements if need be.

Terms: Unconditional vs. Limited vs Lifetime

Vocabulary is important to understand when reviewing warranties.

  • “Unconditional Warranty” means that the manufacturer will repair your bag for any reason, even airline damage, misuse, or extreme temperatures.
  • “Limited warranty” means usually cover everything except airline damage or what is vaguely described as ‘general use.’
  • “Lifetime Warranty” means it extends the life of the luggage. 

The best-case scenario is an unconditional, lifetime warranty.

Our Top Picks: Brands with the Best Luggage Warranty

Briggs and Riley 

Briggs and Riley | Best Luggage Warranty

SHOP: Briggs and Riley on Amazon

My personal favorite brand, if any brand proves that you get what you pay for, it’s Briggs & Riley. These suitcases are not cheap, but if you’re a frequent traveler and you get a lot of use out of your suitcases, they’re worth it. Briggs and Riley is one of the best luggage brands when it comes to quality and a lifetime warranty to match.

Like many other lifetime warranties, they don’t cover normal wear and tear (fading, scratches, or cosmetic damage).  However, their warranty does cover airline damage and accidental damage, which is a big deal because these are some of the most common reasons bags need to be replaced. They also won’t ask for any proof of purchase to confirm that you’re the original owner.

Of course, this is all assuming that your bag will ever need repairs. Briggs and Riley products are so durable that it’s not likely you’ll ever notice anything beyond minor cosmetic damage due to frequent use. If you’re willing to make an investment in your next suitcase, you should definitely check out Briggs and Riley products while you’re shopping around. 

Eagle Creek 

Eagle Creek | best luggage warranty

SHOP: Eagle Creek on Amazon

If you’ve been searching online for a new suitcase, you’ve probably come across a lot of Eagle Creek products. They offer quite a lot of luggage options, whether you’re looking for duffel bags for a weekend trip or backpacking. Many of Eagle Creek’s bags are geared towards outdoor trips, so they’re less common with business travelers, but for everyone else, they’re generally a good choice. 

Eagle Creek’s lifetime warranty covers any manufacturer’s defects and materials like seams, wheels, and zippers. The company has its own repair center, which will take care of any defects or damage that the manufacturer deems reasonable. Eagle Creek tests their products to ensure that they can withstand your travels, but they don’t promise that their bags will survive anything. They do, however, claim that their return rate is less than 1 percent. 

Another Eagle Creek item to consider is their packing cubes, highlighted in this post about our favorite compression packing cubes!

Red Oxx 

Shop: Red Oxx Bags

Red Oxx isn’t one of the more well-known luggage brands, partially because they don’t currently make any suitcases with spinner wheels, but they do have one of the better lifetime warranties out there. You might even consider their luggage warranty to be an unconditional lifetime guarantee; they call this their ‘No Bull’ lifetime warranty. Red Oxx says that they will solve any problem, regardless of the cause, which is great because some product warranties don’t cover things that fall under the category of cosmetic wear. After all, no bag is made to last forever. 

If Red Oxx can’t repair your bag, they’ll provide a free replacement as long as you pay shipping costs to and from the service center. For weekend trips or outdoor excursions, Red Oxx’s luggage is great because they’re more similar to military-style, so they’re a bit more rugged. 


SHOP: Away Suitcases

Away is probably another luggage brand that you’ve come across if you’ve been shopping online for a new suitcase or weekend bag. The company offers a pretty good limited lifetime warranty, which covers most functional defects including wheel damage, handles, zippers, or fabric tears on the bag. Their warranty falls under the ‘limited’ category because they do not cover damages that are deemed ‘cosmetic’ and don’t cover damages that are a result of ‘normal use.’ This means that they won’t cover damage that is done by a baggage handler because those are usually considered normal use. 

However, in the event that there is a defect with your luggage and you need it repaired, Away has a repair center that covers shipping costs as well as the cost of the repair; you’ll just have to provide proof of purchase. 


SHOP TravelPro on Amazon

You might know TravelPro as one of the luggage manufacturers most popular with business travelers and airline employees. They’re known for their sleek design and modest pricing, but as you may find with other product lines, cheaper usually means that their bags are not as durable. However, if you don’t travel frequently, TravelPro may be an attractive option for you if you don’t want to drop a couple of hundred dollars on a suitcase that you’ll only use twice a year. 

TravelPro offers a limited lifetime warranty on their travel accessories which covers mainly material or manufacturer defects in their products. Airline damage is excluded from their warranty. To make up for it, they provide a ‘trusted partner promise’ on their luggage. The trusted partner promise varies in coverage depending on the suitcase you purchase. For example, a bag in the Platinum Elite series comes with a lifetime warranty, whereas the Maxlite 5 collection only lasts a year. Depending on your budget, you can choose a bag with an accompanying warranty. 


Osprey | best luggage warranty

SHOP: Osprey on Amazon

To accompany Osprey’s travel products, they include what they call the ‘All Mighty Guarantee.’ Osprey is known for making great hiking and backpacking bags. But they also provide roller bag options for those who don’t want to carry everything on their shoulders. Osprey’s lifetime guarantee states that they will repair anything, regardless of the reason, for life. They also don’t require any proof that you are the original owner of the bag. This is why so many people who own Osprey products are customers for life. 

In order to make any repairs to your bag, Osprey only requires that you cover the shipping costs to the repair center, and clean your bag before sending it to them. If you’re looking for a great brand with an outstanding warranty, Osprey is a good choice. Also, their luggage isn’t too expensive so you won’t have to make a huge investment in your bag.


SHOP Thule on Amazon

Thule is another outdoor brand that produces high-quality bags and luggage that’s built to last. They are on the expensive side, but that comes with a high level of craftsmanship and a limited lifetime warranty. Any defects that are found on their bags will be repaired free of charge with proof of purchase and the cost of shipping covered. 

As far as other lifetime warranties go, Thule’s is a nice feature to have, but they don’t cover accidents or airline damage. However, their products are quite durable, so you may not even need repairs done at all. 

Eddie Bauer

SHOP Eddie Bauer on Amazon

If you’re not happy with your Eddie Bauer product, they’ll cover the shipping costs for you to send your luggage back to them, as well as offering you a full refund if you’re not totally satisfied with the bag you ordered. Their return policy covers all of the clothes and accessories that they sell, not just travel products, so they tend to be pretty liberal with what they will accept back as a return if you feel it doesn’t meet their product guarantee. 

Eddie Bauer has had some financial trouble in recent years. Therefore, they’re not currently known for their lifetime warranty like they used to be when they were at the height of popularity. They still make quality products, but if you’re looking for the best luggage brands with the best warranties, Eddie Bauer may not be the best choice for you. 

FAQ: Best Luggage Warranty

Of the luggage brand warranties we reviewed, most of them provide lifetime warranties of some degree. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll cover anything and everything that happens to your bag. If you still have some lingering questions about which luggage brand you should choose based on their product warranties, keep reading.

Does Away have a lifetime warranty?

Away luggage is popular because of the variety of different bags that they carry. Whether you’re looking for a carry-on or a roller bag, Away has what you’re looking for. These bags can be on the pricy side too depending on what product you choose. They do come with a limited lifetime warranty, covering functional damage to the zippers, handles, wheels, or outer shell. 

What brand has the best luggage warranty? 

Briggs and Riley is the clear front runner if we’re looking at what kind of damage is covered by the product warranty. Accidental damage by an airline is a major concern for frequent travelers, and one of the only brands that cover airline damage is Briggs and Riley. Like we said, their bags are expensive, but with that investment, you also get a great lifetime warranty.

What brand of luggage is most durable? 

Investing in expensive, durable luggage means that craftsmanship can make up for a lacking product warranty. Red Oxx’s military-style luggage makes them a very durable option, so you may not ever need any major repairs. Although their product warranty is pretty good as well. Thule luggage is also quite durable. This fact may make up for the fact that their warranty doesn’t cover airline damage.

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