Cute Winter Clothes

Holiday Travel? Cute Winter Clothes for Women in 2022

Holiday Travel? Cute Winter Clothes for Women in 2021

Whether you’re visiting family or not, cute winter clothes for your holiday season travel are a must! This is when most of us tend to use the rest of our vacation days for the year. If you’re braving the cold this winter for your holiday travel, you’ll need a proper wardrobe. You want to ensure you’re staying warm and looking cute at the same time! Leave those lightweight tops at home and keep reading to find out what you need in your bag for your holiday travels this year.

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Dress For Warmth

This is the first tip in the guide. Warmth really should be at the forefront of all of your outfit decisions when you’re packing for a winter trip. It can be tempting to wear some cute off-the-shoulder tops or mini skirts. You’ll regret it the second you step outside and the wind is blowing. The best winter outfits are not only cute, but they also keep you warm.

However, you can still dress stylishly without sacrificing warmth. In fact, fashion in the cold season can be the most versatile because of all the layering and accessorizing you can do. If you’re going for more casual athleisure looks, North Face jackets and sweaters are a great choice for any outdoor activities. They’re also great for simply bundling up on a snowy day.

Be Sure You Have the Basics

It’s best to start out with the basics and work outwards from there. If you need some inspiration for classic pieces to include in your winter capsule wardrobe, read more here about a 27 piece winter capsule wardrobe. You should start out with some basic tops that you can layer, classic black jeans, sweater dresses, and some versatile ankle boots.

You won’t accessorize in the winter in the same way you do in warmer months, but you can still spice up your outfits with different shoes, scarves, hats, mittens, and even boot toppers! As with any travel capsule wardrobe, once you have a solid foundation of pieces that you can mix and match, you can start creating a lot of different outfits.

Some of My Favorite Accessories

Add a Pop of Color

Winter clothes can feel a bit drab sometimes because most people tend to stick with a darker or more neutral color palette when it’s cold out. However, there’s no rule against wearing bright colors in the winter. If you’re someone who likes your outfits to have some color, there are stylish ways to do that by picking a few colorful pieces like scarves, hats, or coats.

For example, an all-black outfit with black jeans is a classic winter outfit for a lot of people. You can add a fun-colored teddy coat to give your outfit a little something extra. You’ll be a bright spot in a monochromatic world and stand out among all of the other people walking on the street. When you make a bold choice like wearing a brightly-colored jacket, you’re sure to get some compliments!

Layer It Up

As a native Minnesotan, I personally love all of the layering you can do in the cold weather. Winter fashion always seems much more fun and dynamic and I love that alpine vibe. In the winter months, you’re going from indoors to outdoors a lot. It’s much easier to dress in layers so you can make yourself comfortable no matter where you are.

Personally, I love to wear a more form-fitting outfit paired with a long coat and a scarf. Something about a long camel coat just makes you look effortlessly chic and stylish without even trying. An oversized scarf will also cover your body and neck to provide some warmth. It can also be easily removed if you get too warm when you head indoors.

Make chunky knits your best friend

There’s nothing more I love than an oversized chunky sweater. Something about them is so comforting and they’ll make some cute winter outfits without having to try too hard. A perfect choice for a chunky knit sweater is a pair of fitted jeans. They will provide some contrast between the fit of the sweater and the fit of the pants. I love to pair these kinds of outfits with a simple Chelsea boot and maybe even an updo if it’s for an event!

Knee-high boots also look great with oversized sweaters and a skirt if you have a more mild day on your vacation. The great thing is, chunky sweaters are so popular nowadays that you can find them in all different colors and styles. You’ll be able to switch up your outfits without wearing multiple pieces.

Play with different textures

Another way to spice up your more basic outfits is to add a few different textures to the mix. A faux fur jacket will make your winter clothing a little more exciting. They come in a variety of different colors, so you can easily add some color to your wardrobe. Changing up your jacket choice is an easy way to change your entire outfit, but you only have to switch up one piece.

Another cute winter outfit idea is combining an oversized sweater with a pair of leather or faux leather pants. The leather pants and a pair of black ankle boots will give your wardrobe some edge. A great thing about leather pants is that they naturally repel moisture and they tend to trap heat, so they can be a good choice on a snowy day. If you want to create an even bolder outfit, pair the leather pants with a faux fur jacket for a rockstar look.

Pack some different boots

As you may already know, when I pack, I limit myself to three pairs of shoes. Although winter shoes can be a bit bulkier than summer sandals, they’re actually easier to mix and match. This is because you don’t need shoes for many different activities in the winter. You won’t need a pair of shoes for the beach and one for walking around the city. In the winter, boots can do it all.

However, a good way to create different cute outfits in the winter is to pack a few different types of boots. Chelsea boots are a great ankle-height option and they can be paired with lots of different pants, be they skinny or wide-leg. If you’re planning a winter date night outfit, a pair of knee-high boots go great with a lot of winter dresses. Shoes are also a place where you can add some color to your winter wardrobe. Jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire can easily be added to outfits that are neutral-colored for a little pop of color on a dreary winter day.

A different jacket can make a whole new outfit

Accessorizing in cold temperatures can be challenging. So much of what you wear can get lost under large winter coats. An easy way to combat this is to use those coats as a larger accessory and focal point of your winter wardrobe. Longer leather jackets that were popular in the 90s are starting to come back into fashion. If you’ve been holding on to your old leather jackets, you can create a lot of good ideas with them. Think back to the outfits you used to wear back then. Chances are if they were stylish in the 90s, they’ll be back in fashion now.

Bomber jackets are also a fun way to change up an outfit. If you wear an all-black outfit one day with a long camel coat, you can make it look completely different by pairing it with a cropper bomber jacket. If you’re traveling a bit farther this winter, you may not have room in your suitcase for more than one jacket. But for shorter trips to your families’ house, changing your jacket can be a great way to change your outfit.

FAQ: Cute Winter Clothes

If you still have lingering questions about creating cute winter outfits or if you need some more outfit inspiration, keep reading to find out how you can look your best this winter.

What are the winter trends for 2021?

Fashion trends from the late 90s and early 2000s are starting to come back. If you have some clothes that you’ve been holding onto, now’s the time to break them out. Pair a well-fitting pair of bootcut jeans with some leather boots and a leather trench coat for an effortless retro look.

What should I wear for winter vacation?

Sweaters are always a must for any outfit I’m creating in the winter. If you’re traveling somewhere a bit farther and need to pack light, I’d suggest packing some fitted sweaters instead of those huge chunky knits. They take up much less room so you don’t have to worry about your bag bursting. These basic sweaters can be paired with skirts, jeans, and wool trousers, so you can’t go wrong.

How do you dress cute in the winter?

Dressing cute doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to follow trends 100% of the time. For you, dressing cute might just be wearing something that makes you feel stylish and confident. However, if you’re struggling to put together a cute winter outfit, try playing with different layers, colors, and textures of clothing. Taking some fashion risks will create a dynamic winter look that’s sure to turn heads.

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