5 Great Alternatives to the Leith Ruched Dress

I am planning for an upcoming trip and wanted to pack a versatile Leith Dress. I want to try them because I have read so many great reviews. And, I love that they can be dressed up or down and the ruching works for most body types.

What is a Leith Dress?

Leith is a brand of clothing, and they created the Leith ruched body-con tank dress that is a fan favorite of so many travelers. The challenge I am currently facing though is that I went to buy one and there were none available. I suspect it’s because I am off-season. I really would like to try the style out for my upcoming trip so I sought out alternatives and this post is all about what I found.

Why these Ruched Dresses Work

PRO TIP: These versatile dresses are great for your travel capsule wardrobe!

Dress Style

The Leith original dress I was looking for was a tank, but I also found a similar one with short sleeves and even a long-sleeved version. The real beauty of this dress though is the ruching. It is flattering for almost every body type hides all sorts of lumps and bumps. The dresses I found are all above the knee.


I found a couple of alternative lengths. All are above the knee but some are just above and some are mid thigh.


The tank and short-sleeved versions of these ruched dresses are perfect for spring and summer travel. You can easily wear one sightseeing with cute tennies, or to the beach with sandals or flip flops.

For the long sleeve version, add some tights, knee high boots, and a cardigan or jacket and you have a perfect fall outfit.

Here’s an example of the three different styles. I chose all the same color so you can compare the dress style more easily.


The dresses that I found range from Small to X-Large. The Leith dresses do come in plus size, and unfortunately I was unable to find an alternative for that size range, but I will keep looking! I plan to size up for my dresses because I prefer a more relaxed fit.


So. many. color. options! I like to travel with a fairly neutral palette, but if you are looking for a fun pop of color or pattern for date night, you have plenty of options.

What I like

I love the style, and the versatility of this dress. I pack my 54321 travel capsules with 3 dresses, and I could easily see bringing 1 or 2 of these for warm weather vacations. These dresses are an easy way to maximize the number of outfits for my travel capsule.

What To Look Out For

I just ordered all three of these dresses so will update this post once they have arrived. That said, here is what I am curious about. The reviews are largely positive. That said, a couple of reviewers mentioned that the fabric was too thin and then others said it was fine. The same with fit. Some claimed that the dress did not fit at all like the pics, and others posted images showing a perfect fit. I cannot wait to get my dresses and see for myself. Finally, I am really hoping they are not too short. Stay tuned!

My 5 Favorite Alternatives to the Leith Dress




  • The tulip bottom adds visual interest

  • This dress is solid black will be great for warm weather

  • Several colors to choose from

  • The dress is tank and sleeveless although short sleeve versions are available

  • The striped dress adds a fun pattern

  • Tank top and sleeveless, and as above, short sleeve version is available

  • Tulip bottom

  • Short sleeved t dress can be dressed up or down

  • Falls just above knee

  • Straight hem

  • Several colors available

  • Short sleeve solid color dress

  • Tulip hem

  • Shorter length, although reviews vary on where the hem really falls

  • Several colors available 

  • Long sleeve version of ruched dress

  • Several colors available

  • Can be dressed up or down

  • Falls just above knee

Final Thoughts

Ruching has long been a tool designers use to flatter the figure. I was originally looking for a Leith brand dress because they have so many great reviews, but I am excited to try these 3 alternatives!

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