13 Must-Haves for Your Ultimate Wellness Retreat Packing List

Sometimes you need a reset, and a wellness retreat can be just the ticket. But what about your retreat packing list?

If you are wondering what to bring on a retreat to take advantage of the time away, here is your ultimate packing list. This list makes sure your mind, body, and spirit are cared for during your retreat.

Retreats run the gamut and with a little research, you can find one that fits your goals. You can even create your own! A retreat center like 1440 Multiversity offers programs in a natural setting or the opportunity to stay on your own without signing up for a specific agenda. A simple Google search will help find a retreat near you. Be it a yoga retreat at a yoga studio or yoga school, a nature retreat, or a meditation retreat, so many opportunities and retreat venues exist!

I am actually in the process of planning a self retreat. This is different than anything preprogrammed. I am taking two days and heading to the mountains near my house. The hotel I chose has a comfy lounge area and spa. I’ve told my family I am turning off my phone for the three days and two nights I will be there. My goal is to spend an hour outside each day (a winter storm is expected so hikes are out), to exercise/do yoga, to meditate, to do some guided journaling, some reading, and to cozy up by a fireplace and relax.

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1 | Comfortable Clothes

Comfy clothes are an absolute must-have during retreats. This is not a time for fancy outfits, it’s a time for feeling comfortable on the outside so you can focus on growing on the inside. With that, think a pair of yoga pants, loungewear, t-shirts and a cozy cardi like this one to keep you warm.

Want to pack a travel capsule to match that comfy cardi? Here is how I create the Ultimate Travel Capsule Wardrobe for every trip.

2 | Comfortable Walking Shoes

Similar to your clothing planning, comfort is key in footwear. Leave those high heels at home and instead bring your favorite walking shoes.

3 | Yoga Mat or Other Exercise Mat

Retreats are the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your body. Whether it’s yoga or pilates mat that you prefer, bring your yoga mat. For me, I just prefer to have my own rather than use someone else’s, and this travel mat comes with me everywhere. It’s fairly thin so I will often use it on top of another mat for added protection.

4 | Water Bottle

You always want to stay hydrated, especially if you are flying somewhere or will be at altitude. Staying hydrated can up your energy and keep your head clear and I love this Brita bottle because I can save the world from some plastic bottles and filter the water I am drinking.

5 | Snacks / Tea

Keeping my blood sugar balanced is critical, and so I always have a protein-type snack in my bag, and a cup of tea at the end of the day is so relaxing.

6 | Book

I like to turn off my phone at retreats and dig into a good book. At the moment I am reading The Rose Code by Kate Quinn and it will for sure come with me on my retreat this weekend!

7 | Journal and Pens

Retreats are the perfect opportunity for reflection, and having a guided journal is a great way to go. I have both the Untethered Soul and Get Untamed and plan to spend a couple hours in each.

Colorful pens just make me happy. When I sit down to journal or write a list in my planner, somehow my day is a little brighter if I am using a colorful pen. I always have 3 or 4 color pens in my purse plus a highlighter. Why not brighten up the world a little?

8 | Planner

Am I the only one whose head sometimes starts to spin with to-dos? I have learned to manage that by always having my planner with me. I will take a moment to jot down whatever is spinning in my head and then I can let it go. This Good Busy planner is hands down my favorite, and I feel like I have tried every planner on the market at this point!

9 | Swimsuit

Alot of retreats have spas, or hot tubs or even hot springs. Bringing your swimsuit gives you the chance to take advantage of whatever your location offers!

10 | Day Pack or tote

You will want a way to carry your journal and pens, your book and your planner around so having a day pack or tote bag is essential

11 | SPF

SPF is on every list, every time. Even in the winter, bring a good SPF for your face. I have heard that the 2 best things you can do to prevent aging is hydrate and wear SPF. Just bring it!

12 | Weather appropriate outerwear.

Making a specific recommendation on this is impossible because you may be going to the mountains in the winter and you will need a winter coat, hat and gloves. You may be going to the woods and need a lightweight rain jacket in case of a shower, or you may be going to the beach in the summer where a light cardigan is all you will need. Just make sure to know the weather where you are going and be prepared!

13 | Open Mind

A retreat is all about mind, body and spirit. You can expect personal growth and reflection. Sometimes you are asked to stretch your mind, (or even decide to stretch on your own) in a direction that feels uncomfortable, like an edge. Just remember that knowing our edges and understanding where they are is important for growth. Just bring an open mind and you may surprise yourself!

Final Thoughts on the Ultimate Wellness Retreat Packing List

You will add to this list depending on the type of retreat, the location, and expected weather. That said, these are solid basics that will help you reset your mind body and spirit.

Use this list as inspiration for your next retreat and you are sure to be prepared!

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