Travel Gift Guide: 29 Secret Santa Gifts For Female Travelers

Looking for the perfect Secret Santa gifts for female travelers? This guide will give you inspiration!

Invited to a party with a Secret Santa Gift Exchange this year?

The holiday season is here and with it comes gift exchanges! Whether your assigned a co-worker, family member, best friend, or your favorite traveler, this post is all about gifts for travel lovers.

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Secret Santa Gifts for Female Travelers Who Take Lots of Long-Haul Flights

If you have a frequent flyer as your gift recipient, these gifts are great in-flight travel essentials.

1. Essential Oils

I like to use essential oils to set my mood during long flights, and distract from unavoidable smells on the plane. Lavender and other sleep blends are nice to set the tone for sleep, and a bright cheery oil will help you feel more awake when it’s time to go. I roll them on our wrists and behind our ears like perfume.

2. Water Bottle

Hydration is critical when you fly. Bringing your own collapsible water bottle will help eliminate single-use plastic. And, more and more airports are offering water bottle fill stations in the terminals. This useful gift is great because it packs down when not in use!

3. Travel Pillow

This is the travel pillow that I use. The frame provides support to your neck as you sleep and I can consistently find a position that is comfortable and does not leave me with cricks and pain after I sleep on the plane. It’s great for frequent travelers who take long flights and need to sleep on them.

4. Eye Mask with Headphones Built-In

I used to have a headset like this that wrapped around your forehead instead of being an eye mask. It worked well and allowed me to listen to a sleep meditation. I love this idea though of having an eye mask too. It’s so much better than the headband on your forehead.

Secret Santa Gifts for Female Travelers Who Road Trip or Adventure Close to Home

5. Travel Wine Glasses

This travel set is perfect for a road trips or even a picnic! You can pour in a bottle of wine, keep it chilled and enjoy a glass of wine at your destination. This set is great for trips close to home where you have a little extra space in the car.

6. Cork Screw / Bottle Openers

I have, in my life, actually sat on the edge of the Seine River in Paris and pushed a cork into a bottle of wine because we did not have a corkscrew. It’s a wonderful memory but impractical way to enjoy a bottle of wine. This TSA approved bottle opener and corkscrew would have solved that dilemma!

Travel Books – Great Secret Santa Gifts for Female Travelers

7. 36 Hourse Europe Travel Guide by New York Times

I LOVE the concept of this book! It lists top places and cities in Europe, and if you only have 36 hours in each city, how to spend your time. I love slow travel, where you can really get to know a place. That said, sometimes you don’t have that kind of time. This book is an excellent resource for you.

8. 50 States, 5,000 Ideas by National Geographic

I am always looking for inspiration for my next trip, and this National Geographic book provides that for the US. Great ideas for every state!

9. The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World (Lonely Planet)

This is really more of a coffee table book than a travel guide, but it is beautiful and a good gift to help the travel enthusiast get inspired for where to go next!

10. Couple’s Bucket List

This book is a fun guide for you and your honey to come up with adventure and date ideas to do close to home.

11. Adult Coloring Book – the Landscape Version

Travel can be stressful, right? Sometimes relaxing with an adult coloring book can be extremely meditative.

12. Adult Coloring Book – When Swearing Helps

And sometimes you just need to swear. Here is an example: I rebooked a ticket for my daughter recently and when she got to the airport she learned that I rebooked for the wrong day. It all worked out because I was able to change the ticket without a charge (holiday miracle!), but this book would have helped that day! This take on the adult coloring book is a fun gift and sure to get a laugh or two.

Travel Gear that Makes Great Secret Santa Gifts for Female Travelers

13. Toiletry Bag

This is the toiletry bag that I use. I love it because it lays flat in your luggage and makes it easy to fit in any size suitcase.

READ MORE: I recently used it with my smallest carry on bag. You can see here how well it fit!

14. Universal Travel Adapter

This portable charger definitely qualifies in the “useful gifts” category. If you have international travelers at your white elephant exchange, this adapter will be a hit! It is a universal travel adapter and includes usb ports to charge your devices too/

15. Body Wash

This body wash in a sponge is a great idea and an amazing way to bring body wash on your travels without the liquid. It’s already in the sponge!

16. Gift Cards

Sometimes the best gift is cash…or travel gift cards in this case. Your travel lover friend can put it towards whatever they are saving up for!

17. Travel Coffee Mug

This collapsible mug works for hot and cold beverages alike. You can bring this on your travels so you always have a to-go mug. Like the refillable bottle, you can use it to lesson your environmental impact.

18. Compression Packing Cubes

I have tried just about 8 different types of compression packing cubes and these are my favs. I like the fact that they have one side that can be dedicated to dirty laundry and of course that they compress!

19. Solar Powered Charging Bank

This charger will is great for travel because it charges using solar. Sometimes it is hard to find an outlet and this gives you a great backup.

20. Travel Journal

Keep all your memories and planning in one place! This cute journal allows you to plan for your trip, write your packing list, and journal during your trip.

21. Portable Espresso Machine

This is the ideal gift for the traveler that just cannot go without their morning espresso. The portable machine is compact and operated manually for that excellent cup anywhere!

22. Lilly Pulitzer Passport Holder

A passport holder is a practical gift to be sure. This Lilly Pulitzer jazzes up your gift so your traveller can add some style to her trip!

23. BAGSMART Electronic Organizer Small Travel Case

I use this travel case to organize all my cords for trips. Its amazing how many cords we need these days and I find keeping them all in one place helps to keep me sane.

24. Travelon: Packable Folding Tote Bag

Packable tote bags are practical items that can really improve a trip. Maybe you have some laundry that you want to keep separate from your clean clothes. Sometimes you have just purchased one too many souvenirs and need a little extra space coming home. These bags are nice because they zip closed so your items inside are more protected.

The Secret Santa Gifts for Female Travelers That Cannot Take a Trip But Really Need a Break.

25. Bath Bomb

Remember “Calgon Take Me Away”? If you cannot travel, these bath bombs can help you relax and transport you somewhere else.

26. Hot Chocolate

A cup of hot cocoa by the fire? Yes please! And this luxury hot chocolate is white chocolate. How indulgent!

27. Accent Pillow

This decorative pillow will speak to the travel lover. They can remember something they love while it stylishly accents their home.

28. Waffle Maker

You know those hotels that have the waffle makers in the lobby. They always seem to be flip waffle makers like this one. Why not bring the experience to your own kitchen?

29. Scratch Off Travel Map

For your favorite traveller, this world map not only shows you where you have been geographically but also has scratch-off maps. It’s a fun way for those adventurous souls to remember where they have been and see where they can plan their future travels.

Wrapping Up – Finding the Perfect Secret Santa Gifts for Female Travelers

It was fun coming up with these Secret Santa gift ideas. If you were assigned a world traveler in your secret santa exchange, I hope you find inspiration for the perfect Secret Santa gift here! This gift guide is what I think of great Secret Santa Gifts for female travelers. Of Course, these all also work well White Elephant gifts too!

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