10 Best Mini Curling Irons for Travel | 2022

Finding the perfect mini curling iron. (February 2022)

One of the hardest things about having a beauty routine while traveling is that you often don’t have access to all of your tools and products. Hot tools like curling irons, hair dryers, and hair straighteners can be bulky and take up a lot of precious room in your suitcase. Especially if you’re packing light, these are the first things to get left behind. 

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Product Name


  • Works as curing iron and straighter

  • Dual voltage so works for international travel

  • Comes with cute carrying case

  • 1" Ceramic Curling Iron

  • 365 degree heat

  • Dual Voltage for International travel

  • 2 in 1 product that works as curling iron and straightener

  • Comes with carry bag

  • Dual Voltage for International Travel

  • 5/8" barrel curling iron

  • Heats in 2 minutes using butane cartridges

  • Comes with travel carry case

  • Curling wand ranges fro .75" to 1.25"

  • Multiple temperature options with AUTO SHUTOFF after 60 mins

  • Dual Voltage for International Travel

  • 1" diameter barrel for curling

  • 400 degree flat iron

  • Dual Voltage

  • Ceramic glaze coated barrel

  • Reaches 350 F (180 C)

  • Not dual voltage

  • .75" ceramic plates heat up quickly

  • Two temperature settings

  • Dual Voltage for international travel

  • Cordless and charged with USB

  • Comes with safety cover 

  • Can be used as a powerbank to charge your phone

  • 1" Curling Wand 

  • Collapses into itself for easier packing

  • Dual voltage for international travel

Luckily, new technology has given us the ability to make everything travel-size, including our curling irons. If you’re in the market for a new curling iron or just looking for one that is better suited for travel, keep reading to find out which mini curling iron is best for you. 

PRO TIP: For the dual voltage curling irons, the iron can adjust to the voltages in different countries but in order to plug it in, you will need a portable adapter. Our recommendation for our favorite adapter is in the post below:

The Mini Curling Iron: The 10 Best that We Found

1. 6th Sense 2-in-1 Mini Flat Iron/Curling Iron

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What We Like

An obvious pro to this curling iron is that is doubles as a hair straightener. If you like to switch up your style when you do your hair every day, this is a great option. You won’t have to sacrifice any extra space by packing another hot tool. Another thing that I love about this mini option is that it’s a dual voltage curling iron. This means that you can take it to any country without having to worry about blowing a fuse in the hotel you’re staying at. 

What We Don’t Like

One drawback to the 6th Sense 2-in-1 is that it does only have one heat setting on it. If you have fine hair, this mini curling iron will still work great, but not so much if you have curly hair. Depending on your hair type, you may need to look for an option. You may need an option that gives you more range when it comes to temperature settings. 

2. Conair Mini Pro

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What We Like

For a budget-friendly option that fits right in your purse, this Conair Mini Pro is a great choice. Because it takes up so little space, you may not need to give up any space in your suitcase at all. Just throw it right in your backpack or carry-on and you’re good to go. It also heats up quickly and gets hot enough to curl thick hair without having to go over your curls five times. 

What We Don’t Like

Because of its’ smaller size, there are a few drawbacks depending on your hair length. If you have super long hair, it’s going to take a very long time to curl all of your hair. I would say if you have short hair, this is a good choice, but if your hair is far past your shoulders, you might need a larger barrel.  

3. AmoVee 2-in-1 Mini Flat Iron/Curling Iron

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What We Like

This AmoVee 2-in-1 works great as a curling wand as well as a flat iron to help you create that put-together look that you feel like you can only achieve at home. This is one of the best titanium curling irons out there that are suited for travel. The titanium design gives you a consistent temperature throughout the barrel so the heat is distructed evenly, resulting in beautiful curls. It’s dual voltage, which makes it a great choice for international travel. And if you needed even more features, this AmoVee 2-in-1 Mini has a handy swivel cord so it doesn’t get tangled while you’re doing your hair. 

What We Don’t Like

One thing to mention that is a potential drawback about this hair tool is that the temperature is fixed at about 380 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature settings aren’t adjustable like they are on some other curling irons, so if you have thick, curly hair that is difficult to manage, you might need something that gets a little hotter. 

4. Conair ThermaCell Compact Curling Iron

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What We Like

If you’re traveling internationally and aren’t able to find a dual voltage curling iron, or if you just don’t want to worry about cords at all, this Conair ThermaCell Compact curling iron is a great solution. When you travel with any electronics, especially ones that require a little more power, you have to think about adapters and the kind of voltage that they require. This Conair curling iron’s battery cartridges last several months so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice suddenly when you’re using it. 

What We Don’t Like

You do get one extra cartridge when you purchase the curling iron, but after that, you’ll have to buy additional ones after they run out of power. Unfortunately, the batteries that power this Conair curling iron aren’t rechargeable, which would be a nice feature. However, for road trips, camping trips, or international travel, this cordless curling iron is a great choice. 

5. Xtava The It Curl Oval Wand

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What We Like

If you’re looking for a curling wand with more temperature range, this Xtava curling iron is for you. Lack of temperature control is something that a lot of mini curling irons don’t have, so if that’s a feature that you’re looking for, this will probably be your favorite curling iron. The ceramic wand on this Xtava option heats up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit very quickly and has 22 temperature settings before it gets up to that maximum heat. It also features a dual voltage design so you can bring it to international destinations. 

What We Don’t Like

One thing that I would look out for is its’ size, however. While it still is technically travel friendly, the design of this curling wand is lightly longer than some of the other pocket-sized curling irons in this list. It will still fit easily in a suitcase, but will take up slightly more room that some of the other models. 

6. VAV 2-in-1 Hair Straightener and Curler 

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What We Like

This VAV 2-in-1 is another great curling iron/straighter option to help you conserve some space while you’re packing light. The ceramic barrel will help give your curls that salon-grade look in no time; it only takes about 30 seconds to heat up. Unlike the 6th Sense 2-in-1, this VAV option has two heat settings, so it works for thin hair and thick hair. The low setting is enough to give you gorgoeous curls without damaging your hair too much. 

What We Don’t Like

However, if you’re someone who does a lot of international travel, this won’t be the best curling iron for you. This VAV 2-in-1 is not a dual voltage wand, which could leave you without any hair tools at all if you try to use it and a fuse blows. This curling/straightening duo is much better suited for domestic trips. 

7. Berta Mini Hair Curler

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What We Like

Most of the mini curling irons on this list are on the affordable side, but this Berta Mini Hair Curler is an extremely affordable option. The ceramic barrel also heats with negative ions so your final look is much less frizzy than it would be with another travel curler. The 3-degree adjustable temperature setting, ranging from low to high heat, is designed to accommodate all hair types. Last but not least, the 360 degree swivel cord keeps you from getting tangled up while you’re styling. 

What We Don’t Like

Like some of the others on this list, this Berta curler works great for domestic travel, but it doesn’t come with dual voltage, so it may not be best suited for international destinations. 

8. FURIDEN Mini Curling Iron

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What We Like

Although it’s marketed at a mini curling iron, this FURIDEN curler actually allows you to straighten or curl using the same wand. Other great features that I love about this FURIDEN Mini curling iron are its 60-minute auto shut-off function, universal voltage, and the 6 foot swivel cord. The barrel size is 9 inches in length, so it’s a bit smaller than traditional curling irons, making it the perfect size for a quick trip. 

What We Don’t Like

One thing that was noted in some reviews is that this curling iron doesn’t work great on short hair due to its design. Those with medium to long hair should have no problem using this particular model though!

9. SEMBELLE Cordless Curling Iron

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What We Like

One of the issues with the cordless Conair curling iron that I have on this list is that it isn’t rechargeable. That problem is solved with this SEMBELLE Cordless Curling Iron. To make it even cooler, it can also charge your phone. The built-in battery lasts for about 45 minutes, which is long enough to achieve any hairstyle, and the wand is only 7.9 inches long making it easily portable. It also has great reviews for all hair types, so there’s not much in the ‘con’ category for this curling iron. 

What We Don’t Like

The only potentially problematic feature I could foresee with this SEMBELLE curler is that it needs to be charged for about 8 hours to acheive a full charge after using it. If you remember to plug it in to charge before bed, this shouldn’t be a problem. But in the event that it does run out of charge mid-style, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle.

10. Remington Pro Advanced Collapsible Curling Wand 

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What We Like

In an effort to save even more space, Remington created this collapsible curling wand that easily fits into your purse or makeup bag. The cool tip makes it easy to use without burning your fingers and the thermal technology used in the 1-inch barrel allow you to create perfect soft curls without causing too much damage to your hair. 

What We Don’t Like

One drawback to this Remington model is that it only has one temperature setting. Like I mentioned before, this works for some hair types but not for all. If your hair is thicker and requires more heat to get it to cooperate, you may need a curler that has a bit more heat control. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mini Curling Iron 

If you still have lingering questions about which mini curling iron is the right styling tool for you and how to travel with hot tools, keep reading to have all of your questions answered. 

Can you take a curling iron on an airplane? 

Yes, you can take a curling iron on an airplane. One thing I would caution you on is making sure that your curling iron is sufficiently cooled before packing it. You don’t want to burn or melt anything else that’s packed in your suitcase with a hot curler. 

What size barrel is best for beach waves? 

To create perfect, beachy waves, you’ll want to use a curling iron with a 1-to-2 inch barrel. This will give you loose curls that don’t require much effort on your part. Most of the mini curling irons that I reviewed here are around that size, so you should be able to create a beach wave look with any of the curling irons listed above. 

How do you travel with a curling iron?

If you’re traveling internationally, one feature that you want to look out for in a curling iron is that dual voltage that I mentioned earlier. This will keep you from blowing a fuse while you’re abroad. You’ll also want to pack an international adapter because chances are the plug on the curling iron won’t match the international plug in the wall. If you’re traveling to a foreign country, you should already have an adapter to charge your phone, so you can use the same adapter for your curling iron. 

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10 Best Mini Curling Irons for Travel | 2022

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