How to Pack For an International Flight

Have you ever wondered about how to pack for an international flight? We have, a lot!

Whether it’s San Francisco to Lisbon, New York to Sydney, or the 14 hour San Francisco to Tel Aviv, this list will keep you feeling fresh, rested, and ready to explore your destination.

You can see the whole list below and grab the list right here to print out!

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The Ultimate In-Flight Essentials Packing List:


In Flight Comfort


Travel Documents

  • Passport
  • Wallet with ID
  • Complete Itinerary Printout

Back Up Clothes



“Never Check” Items

One additional thing that we like do do is buy a nice face mask in the Duty Free shop. Once the plane goes dark, it’s a nice little ritual to wear the mask and hydrate your skin before you go to sleep.

Aside from that, this list, which shows you how to pack for an international flight, will get you to your destination with comfort and the ability to rest and relax. Enjoy your flight!

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