Florida Packing List: How to Pack for Miami and The Keys in March

Florida is a year-round destination for fun in the sun, whether it be the Miami scene, relaxation in the Keys, shelling on the shores of Sanibel and Captiva, or driving the western coast Florida along the Gulf of Mexico. Are you wondering what to pack for Florida in March? We recently got a request to help create a packing list for an itinerary that includes Miami for a few days and then down to the Keys for a few more. We are focusing on that itinerary and you can use our list as inspiration for one of your own!

Packing List for a Florida Vacation: Miami and the Florida Keys

We love to pack using our 54321 Travel Capsule Method, and this trip is no exception. You can read all about our method of packing in the linked post (as well as get a printable guide!), but the gyst of it is that you:

  1. Think through your activities for your trip,
  2. Research the climate and weather forecast for your destination
  3. Plan your mix and match 54321 travel capsule wardrobe based on those factors
  4. Add toiletries and other necessities

Activities in Miami and the Florida Keys

While this trip takes place in almost two different worlds, there is one strong common thread: ocean, sand & sun. Miami is all about the beach scene during the day and the nightlife scene after dark. Truth be told, we are not planning on too many late nights. Even so, our wardrobe can be dressed up for dinner and a night out!

The activities in the Keys are all about the beach and the water, although are much more casual. In either location, there is an opportunity for shopping and some site seeing, so having a pair of comfortable shoes is important.

Weather in March in Miami and the Florida Keys

The weather for both locations is typically in the mid 70s to 80s and sunny. There can be unexpected rain showers so it’s a good idea to have a small travel umbrella or packable rain jacket, just in case.

Maimi Style vs Florida Keys Style

The biggest challenge in this travel capsule wardrobe is style. Miami and the Keys are not too far apart in miles. In fact, it’s only 67 miles to Key Largo and 164 if you are going all the way to Key West! They are worlds away in terms of fashion. Miami is all about fashion and the Keys are all about casual.

We approached this travel capsule to be versatile enough that we look nice in Miami, but those same pieces we dressed up, will also work in the Keys more casual environment.

What to Pack for Florida in March

Start With Your 54321 Travel Capsule Wardrobe:

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Some of the items in the image are no longer available so these links represent similar finds

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A Breakdown of your Travel Capsule Wardrobe

5 Tops: Both Miami and the Forida Keys will be warm, if not downright hot. So, of your 5 tops, we suggest two tanks, one t-shirt, one 3/4 length shirt, and a light sweater or jacket that can be mix and matched with your tops and dresses in case evenings bring a breeze.
And remember, the name of the game is mix and match so make sure you are following a color palette that works together!

4 Bottoms: Think neutrals that can go with your tops. I always like to have a pair of cropped jeans in case nights get cool and some joggers for lounging, so those are two of my picks. The others are a skort and a pair of shorts.

3 Dresses: You can go off color palette here as long as your dresses match your shoes and your light jacket. Bring a beachy sundress, a maxi dress, and one that can be dressed up for a night out!

3 Shoes: This is all we ever bring. One pair of sneakers – specifically Taos Stars, one pair of NAOT sandals and a pair of flats. We are at the point where our feet do not do well without the right shoes and we KNOW these shoes work. We have walked for hours and hours in the Taos Stars, as well as the NAOTs. The NAOTs double as beach shoes, and the ballet flats can be for a lunch or night out.

2 Swimsuits: One to wear, one to dry

2 Bags: A crossbody travel bag for site-seeing, and a beach bag.

2 Necklaces: One casual and one dressy to change up the look of an outfit.

2 Hats: A packable sunhat and a baseball cap.

1 Each: Cover Up, Scarf/Pareo, Sunglasses, and earrings

Other Travel Necessities

Hopefully, with the list above, you have a solid idea of what to pack for Florida in March, at least as far as wardrobe is concerned. Now let’s turn to the rest of your packing. In addition to your Travel Capsule Wardrobe, you will need the following items:

  • PJs
  • Undies
  • Socks
  • Workout wear
  • Running Shoes (We usually bike in the gym or walk while traveling. Therefore our Taos sneakers are all we need)
  • Toiletries
  • Meds
  • Electronics and Cords
  • A book or Kindle

Finally, do not forget the sunscreen for your beachy Florida vacation! Use this list is a great jumping off point and customize it to your trip!

We hope you enjoyed this post about What to Pack for Florida in March. Please remember to share it with your friends if you found it valuable.

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